We offer 100% FREE VPN with ZERO LOG PRIVACY

About FreeVPN724

At FreeVPN724, we proudly present our 100% free VPN service, prioritizing your privacy with a strict zero-log policy. Our range of servers spans across various countries, including the USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, and the Czech Republic. Each of these servers supports multiple VPN protocols such as openconnect, openvpn, and pptp, ensuring a versatile and secure connection for our users. Experience the freedom to connect to any of these servers at absolutely no cost, safeguarding your online activities with ease and peace of mind.

We regularly update the password for our free VPN service. To stay informed about the latest password changes, we kindly ask you to follow our Twitter account @freevpn724

  • USA VPN Server: us1.freevpn724.com
  • Netherlands VPN Server: nl1.freevpn724.com
  • Switzerland VPN Server: ch1.freevpn724.com
  • Singapore VPN Server: sg1.freevpn724.com
  • Czech Republic VPN Server: cz1.freevpn724.com
  • Username: freevpn724
  • Password: k37iajp4y71
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